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Association of operators of technologies for ecological waste utilization

Our activities

The STEO association promotes common goals of its members in the realm of lawmaking, executive and administration with regards to construction and operation of WtE plants.

Main activities

In the sphere of lawmaking

  • Monitoring of environmental legislation within the Czech Republic and the EU.
  • Creation and enforcement of standards.
  • Proposals of amendments of general mandatory legal regulations.
  • Comments to the process of lawmaking.

In the sphere of executive

  • Creation of principles of the state policy of subsidies and the stabilization policy in the areas of concern.
  • Expert opinions.
  • Professional workshops.
  • Creation of conditions for performance and control functions in state bodies in the areas of concern.

In the sphere of administration

  • The advancement for introducing modern technologies in waste management in regions.
  • Comments to individual cases and to operation of WtE plants.

STEO promotes the common objectives of its members in the process of applying new technologies in the area of environmental protection.

STEO contributes to the development of activities and economic objectives for its members and that is why it pushes the common interests of the STEO members especially in creating objectives for waste policy both in the Czech Republic and in the EU.

International activities

STEO is a member of the international confederation CEWEP-Confederation European Waste to Energy Plants www.cewep.eu.

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